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Presently, the HOE’s Tower Crane Workshop houses adequate numbers of well trained engineers and technicians specialized in Tower Cranes & Hoists. Our workshop is provided with latest diagnosing equipment, special tools and mobile maintenance crews extending round the clock services.

Unlimited guaranteed support and services are provided to all our clients starting from selection study to full operation including technical support, design of crane foundation, bracing support and reactions force calculations for both external and internal floor climbing, testing, service and dismantling tower cranes, hoists and cradles.

Our Heavy Equipment Workshop employs sufficient number of qualified and experienced technicians and equipped with sophisticated diagnostic, repair, field service and fabrication facilities make HOE totally reliable. Our expertise and technology enable us to provide quality service to all makes of mobiles cranes, trucks, compressors, generators, earth moving equipment, etc.


Please visit our subsidiary's site HOE Machinery Repairing and Maintenance LLC at for our detailed equipment services that we can assist you with. 


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P.O.Box: 282047
Jebel Ali Industrial 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone: + 971 4 880 3079 ext. 115
Fax No:+ 971 4 880 3078

Note: If possible, kindly provide us the following details to serve you efficiently.

Type of Crane, model and Serial Number
Description of defects and/or services
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