RTL Rough Terrain Lift

4×4 WD RTL Rough Terrain Forklift


Rough Terrain Forklift  (RTL) is used at the airport, docks, stations and other poor road conditions for material distribution. It has good maneuverability and reliability
Rough Terrain Forklift  (RTL)  runs faster than ordinary forklift. Their mobility is obvious with high engine power and rough terrain performance.
Used in mountains, plateaus pavement, snow jobs, construction sites, mines, orchards pastures, rough roads and mining enterprises.
This product is equipped with Cummins engines making it easy serviceable and highly durable.
 All hydraulic steering system greatly reduce operator’s fatigue; using transverse cylinder steering mechanism with reliable and compact structure.
Digitalized intelligent traffic monitoring system allows the operator to easily get the forklift operation information to achieve full control.
Humanization design using multifunction steering, European-style instrument, and equipped with luxurious seat with seat belts, joystick makes it easy, safe and flexible to operate.
Lengthened and widened wheelbase and wheeltrack to get better stability and more suitability for rough terrain conditions.
Air filter with a vacuum alarm, double filtration to fit dusty weather condition, external high exhaust muffler, plus a protective shield against heat ensuring safety.


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