ORBIT Hoists


SC General Hoist

Direct start and simple structure


  • 1.) Optimized cage that make it lighter and save energy
  • 2.) More space and better lighting in the cage
  • 3.) perforated steel plate or aluminum plate make ithe cage anti-rust.
  • 4.) Fence separated with the cage make the transportation easier


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SC Frequency Convertible Hoist


  • 1.) Energy saving and small startup current
  • 2.) Speed adjustable frequency convertible control system
  • 3.) Starting and braking smootly
  • 4.) Reduce mechanical wear and mechanical service
  • 5.) The running status of the elevator can be tracked from the monitor panel
  • 6.) Motor brand is Nord Germany
  • 7.) Inverter brand is Schnider
  • 8.) Cage and mast sections are galvanized


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SC Frequency Invertible Hoist Details




Calling System: Provides communication between builders and hoist's operators        Electric Derrick    



Control Systems

Direct start, relatively simple structure and easy maintenance   Energy saving, small startup current, speed adjustable, frequency conversion control system and smooth braking and low mechanical wear and tear   Frequency Conversion Control System






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